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From: David Faux <>
Subject: [DNA] Ineligible Individuals Placed inmy ShetlandProjectWithoutMyPermission
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 09:48:40 -0800 (PST)

Charles wrote: Just to clarify, there is a difference between people being in the Join Request bin and actually In the Project. Anyone can send the project admin a join request which stays in the join request bin until the project admin allows them in or disallows them in the project.

Having the box unchecked in the GAP page which stops people from automatically fully joining the project without the GAPs permission does not disable the Join Request function. People can still request to join the project. The admin now has to make the decision using the Allow or Disallow buttons.

David, is this Join Request bin and the Allow and Disallow page what you are referring to. If so, it is up to you to screen out any people who are asking to join your Shetland Project. Who else is going to do it? Many people ask to join my PA Deutsch Project but only a subset have the necessary genealogy and documentation to join it.

It sounds to me like the form email from Bennett was to people who have not been responding in a timely manner to Join Requests for their projects. I did not get a form email from Bennett because as soon as I get a join request for the projects for which I have that block unchecked, I screen them and either allow them in or disallow them ... with a reason. Since I keep my join request bins cleaned out, I did not get a form email reminder to check it.

Maybe you can clarify this bit more David. Where the 20 or so people you are speaking about fully Joined to your project and being displayed in the Y Results or mt results tables, or were these people simply in your Join Request bin awaiting your action to screen them and allow them in or disallow them from joining?

I do precisely the same as you do Charles, with one possible exception. The same day I get a join request I send back a yes or no. Actually I am often quite annoyed in having to do this for the numerous individuals who have no connection whatsoever to Shetland and my eligibility criteria are in capital letters - people have to have seen this and still chose to attempt to enter the portals. None the less, I fire back a no go to each and every ineligible "candidate" - the same day it is received. Hence they should not find their way into my list of members. Perhaps I need to snip off the bottom of the e-mail sent from FTDNA which contains a join code. Actually I would rather not have any join code which has the potential of misuse - I can send a join authorization authorization directly from my GAP page to the 20% who actually meet the criteria.

I have never seen a "bin" of any sort. If there is one and I need to "clean it out" then why am I responding in a timely manner to an individual join request. Is it a two step process. Perhaps I better go to my GAP pages and look at every single category and perhaps the answer lies there. I did not, however, get the e-mail from Bennett noted by others.

I have written to FTDNA to alert them to a problem of some sort.

David K. Faux.

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