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Subject: Re: [DNA] Press release: deCODEme to offer test of a million SNPs
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 11:53:12 EST

In a message dated 11/16/2007 8:24:44 AM Pacific Standard Time,

> >Rats! Certain states are limiting consumer access to the genetic risk
> >calculations from the genome scan. These are Arizona, California,
> Connecticut,
> >Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and
> Wyoming.
> >
> Ann! =-O As a Maryland resident you have me scared! Please give us a
> link where we can read more about this! I can hardly believe that they
> could do that, especially since this is an entirely new kind of test and
> the announcement has just been made. I would certainly lobby my
> representatives about it if it's true that they would try to restrict it
> -- and I think the Genetic Alliance could be a valuable ally should this
> become a real fight, as they are the ones who are already in the thick
> of legislative and regulatory work to make sure medical genetic tests
> are widely accessible to consumers, but not fraudulent.

The list of states came from the consent agreement for ordering the test at . As far as I can tell, the only way to see the material is
to create an account and (pretend to) order a test. Then you are presented
with the above list of states and statements like this:

"By creating an account, you warrant and confirm the following: you have all
necessary legal capacity under the laws of the state of your residence to
enter this Service Agreement; you are who you say you are; you reside in the state
to which you have asked deCODE to ship the Genetic Scan sample kit;... "

I assume the restrictions are based on pre-existing laws about medical
genetic tests. I wasactually going to post a message asking you about those --
didn't you write a paper on the topic?

I'm in the process of trying to pin down California laws on the subject, but
I haven't succeeded yet.

Note that the restrictions do not apply to some other features of the
deCODEme test and website, just the medical genetic aspects. The current list of
medical "traits" is listed on this page:

Ann Turner

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