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From: "R. Stevens" <>
Subject: [DNA] Help with mtDNA, please! Was: Re: SMGF
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 20:47:05 -0500
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Subject: Re: [DNA] SMGF

> I'm in there for mtDNA now, too. I only match myself.
> I tested with FTDNA only for HVR1.
> How do I find out what my additional results (HVR2 and 3) with SMGF are?
> Rich

Okay, I think I found the rest, if I am reading SMGF correctly.

Here are my original FTDNA HVR1 results that also show up in SMGF now:


Here's a new HVR1 result that I didn't get from FTDNA:


But the "T" shows up as pale gray instead of the dark color of the rest. I
assume that is because it was not a value I entered for my search.

Here are some additional values SMGF says I have:

00309.1 (with no letter following it)

I don't know if I am reading this thing correctly. I did a two-off search. I
entered my HVR1 results and went with SMGF's default stuff for HVR2 (that
was 00263G and 00315.1C). I was two off myself at 00073A and 00309.1, since
I did not enter those values, knwoing only my HVR1 stuff for sure.

Can someone help me with this? I am really pretty much in the dark with
regard to mtDNA stuff.

Here is the search result:

My grandmother was the Morris listed there, her mother the Lancaster.


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