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From: Vincent Vizachero <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Odd DYS464 results
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 09:31:46 -0500
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I may be dense, but if there were three peaks then why are there only
two values? Normally, three peaks should lead to three different
alleles (e.g. 11,13,13,15 or 11,11,13,13,15,15). not just two. In
other words, there should be one large peak for 11, one large peak
for 13, and one large peak for ??.

This strikes me as an odd result, and one that might justify being
checked by another lab who uses different primers. It is this kind
of situation in which FTDNA's DYS464X test can be invaluable, though
of course the expense of switching testing to a different lab is not


reported, that should show up as one double height peak
On Nov 18, 2007, at 3:41 AM, Dennis Wright wrote:

> All that is missing is DYS464=13,13,15,17. He has tested at
> DNAHeritage
> DYS464=11,13,13,-. When a retest was requested, Alistair Greenshields
> advised there were only three large peaks and perhaps the marker
> should be
> read:-DYS464=11,11,13,13,13,13. We are not altogether happy with this
> explanation.
> What do others think?

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