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From: Bob McLaren <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Converting results, Ancestry to FTDNA
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 10:01:54 -0500 (GMT-05:00)


I have a similar situation. However, we don't have the results back yet. The person testing thought she was signing up her cousin for the 67-marker test, but she did it at She emailed me asking to join the Clan MacLaren Surname DNA Project. Since I didn't have her in my project already, and she wasn't in any other project at Family Tree DNA (as far as I can tell), I checked with her to see who she signed up with. She told me for a 67-marker test. After we got all the confusion straightened out (she is getting the so-called 46-marker test), she also signed up with my project for a 67-marker test. So, I will have the conversion for all the markers except for those that fall into Family Tree DNA's advanced marker tests. If there is any questions about these final markers (the ones in the advanced panels), I may go ahead and order them from Family Tree DNA

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>From: "Roberta J. Estes" <>
>Sent: Nov 26, 2007 10:36 PM
>Subject: Re: [DNA] Converting results, Ancestry to FTDNA
>I have a similar nightmare on my hands.
>In one of my projects, a gentleman thought he was ordering from Family Tree
>DNA but he wound up ordering from Ancestry. It was during that few days
>that it looked like Family Tree Dna was working with Ancestry. Anyway, he
>got his results back. His genealogy is solid to group 1 which is green on
>the site. However, his haplogroup is
>J2 on his ancestry paperwork, not R1b, so he can't fit in that haplogroup or
>group. It doesn't say whether it is predicted or snipped, but I'd guess
>predicted based on what relative genetics was doing.
>So, given that, my guess would be that he is actually in pumpkin colored
>group 2, which is J2. The other J2 group appears to be a NPE. This guy is
>upset, and I do mean UPSET in capitals...not that he bought the kit from the
>wrong company so much, but that he doesn't appear to match who he is
>supposed to match. So he ordered a kit from FTDNA so he can be included on
>the project web pages as well. Also, because I don't have a clue as to how
>to convert these numbers, I have no idea who he really matches, if anyone
>already in the group. He has just returned that kit, so the results won't
>be back for while.
>I checked y-search thinking maybe the conversion values would be there.
>There are differnet conversion instruction for Relative Genetics and
>Sorenson. Ancestry bought RG, but Sorenson Genomics does the testing (it
>says so in the tiny print on his certificate). Ok, so I tried both to no
>So sometime in the middle of the night, I had this brainstorm. If I entered
>into Ancestry the results of the group I think he is supposed to match,
>Ancestry will convert the results from ftdna standards to their own, so the
>ftdna data entered from the project should produce him as a match if he did
>indeed match them.
>Well, guess what. It didn't. Not only that, but now my full name is
>associated with this DNA, which I don't want either as I'll never remember
>which "group" I entered. I did not log on by the way before I entered the
>data, so it apparently picked this up from my cookie. I have no ability to
>delete it either, at least not that I've seen.
>Based on my spreadsheet, this gentleman is 9 or 10 mutations different from
>the J2 group, depending on how you count, so either a lot of markers have to
>be converted or this poor guy is not only not associated with the Younger
>group he thought, he's not associated with any Younger group. I think
>that's the only thing that would upset him more right now.
>I entered a generic entry in ysearch for him. At Ancestry, 464b was
>returned as 14.1, 464d as 15.1 and their marker y-gata-h4.1 is reported with
>a value of 21 and there is no value available for 21 in the drop down box.
>Ysearch number is 8SVRH if someone wants to take a look. These numbers are
>raw Ancestry, not converted, since I had no clue how to convert them.
>Failing anything else, we will at least know in a few weeks how to convert
>the FTDNA and Ancestry numbers when his FTDNA results come back.
>Roberta Estes

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