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From: Gary Felix <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Founder effects (was RES: Jared Diamond, Amerinds)
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 14:22:07 -0800 (PST)
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Looks like founder effects at work Ricardo. You may be interested in this article "Worldwide Distribution of a Polymorphic Alu Insertion in hte Progesterone Receptor Gene" from this book "Genomic Diversity Applications in Human Population Genetics".

The frequency of the PR Alu insertion is most frequent in Europe in the Basque people. It is even more frequent in populations in the Yucatan (Maya Buctzotz) and Northern Columbia as well as the Surui, Amazonia Brazil. After these populations the frequency drops off substancially in other world populations. It is absent in South/Central Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.

This paper says that some of the NA tribes involved in this study had been isolated for some time suggesting a possible caucasian component in the founders.

Mexico DNA Project Admin.

Ricardo Costa de Oliveira <> wrote:
Yes Gary
I could say the same in Brazil, Native Americans conquered America !

Brazil started as an alliance of Portuguese Men and Tupi Women. The
Portuguese strongholds of São Paulo, Salvador da Bahia and Olinda,
Pernambuco were built with the help and contribution of the Amerindians. In
São Paulo, Tibiriçá, the old Tupi Chief, was recognized as the Founder and
Lord Protector of São Paulo de Piratininga. He was buried under the Church
and still is located in a Mausoleum under the Cathedral Crypt. Tibiriçá was
the Patriarch of the Bandeirantes and the starting point of the Southerner
Brazilian written genealogies, just like Caramuru and his Amerindian wife is
in Bahia and the Amerindian women in Pernambuco’s Albuquerque family groups.

There has never been a reduction in the “Brazilian” original Amerindian
mtDNA, but a conversion, absorption and expansion from the tribal societies
to the mainstream Brazilian society. Tupi mtDNA, mainly from the A
haplogroup, has been among the biggest ones in terms of world populational
growth since 1500

Brazilian mtDNA - na estimate:


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