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Subject: Re: [DNA] Will FTDNA introduce a test for more than 67 markers?-Re:Novice ...
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 06:03:06 -0600
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<PST> Anne. I think Sue has the man at 37 markers. All she can do at
this point is mail out random DNA love letters. ;-)

On 12/5/07, <> wrote:

> If you have looked at all these places without
> finding any matches, I would point out that the upgrade to 25 markers is
> quite inexpensive now, and it is possible that you might find some matches. I
> have seen what looked not to be a "match" at 12 turn into one at 25. It's not
> the most common outcome, but I have to tell you -- if I personally had no
> matches anywhere out of all the databases above, I'd sure spend the money for
> 13-25 on the chance that I just have some unusual mutation something going on!
> To me that smallish amount of money would be worth it. What joy if I found
> a 22/25 match or better!
> Beyond 25, if you still have no matches, then I'd suspect you are in the
> "waiting game" -- waiting for someone with the right DNA to decide to test.
> Of course, I am a DNA junkie--excuse me while I go mug someone for the money
> for my next hit! ;)
> Anne


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