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Subject: Re: [DNA] Will FTDNA introduce a test for more than 67markers?-Re:Novice ...
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 23:24:57 +1000
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Obviously I write in Australian, the word force, implies to coerce,
bully or persuade to do something that you would not normally do.

I'm not sure anyone can "force" someone else to do extra testing.
"persuade" or maybe even "bully" but I think "force" is "purt nigh
impossible." I do hope the below is taken as no more than something to
think about,
and as "persuade" at the max!


Have you looked for matches at _www.smgf.org_ ( ?
_www.ysearch.org_ ( ? at _www.ybase.org_
( ?
at _www.yhrd.org_ ( ? at _www.oxfordancestors.com_
( ? If you have looked at all these
places without
finding any matches, I would point out that the upgrade to 25 markers
quite inexpensive now, and it is possible that you might find some
matches. I
have seen what looked not to be a "match" at 12 turn into one at 25.
It's not
the most common outcome, but I have to tell you -- if I personally had
matches anywhere out of all the databases above, I'd sure spend the
money for
13-25 on the chance that I just have some unusual mutation something
going on!
To me that smallish amount of money would be worth it. What joy if I
a 22/25 match or better!

Beyond 25, if you still have no matches, then I'd suspect you are in the

"waiting game" -- waiting for someone with the right DNA to decide to

Of course, I am a DNA junkie--excuse me while I go mug someone for the
for my next hit! ;)


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