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From: "Havelock Vetinari" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Germans who carry J and G (was PLOS Genetics)
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 10:06:48 -0500
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M173 is the oldest genetic marker in Europe according to the research
of Semino and Wells. What evidence is there that Northern Europeans
are mixed? From what I have seen Europe can be divided into 3 genetic
groups: a Northern group, a Southwestern group (Iberia) and a
Southeastern one that includes Greece and Southern Italy.


Paul D.

On 12/11/07, ellen Levy <> wrote:
> For goodness sake, how in the world would you know,
> and on the basis of what DNA study are you asserting,
> that "all of the people in Europe" 27,000 years ago
> "would have been of haplogroup R ancestry"?
> Frankly, I feel like we could go round and round on
> this, as you will always maintain your rigid theory of
> some "pure" (ie, unadmixed) Northern European group,
> even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the
> contrary. It is not only amazingly distasteful, but
> it flies in the face of the DNA studies out there,
> including the very one here that you cite to. This
> study actually appears to show a genetic commonality
> amongst European groups, perhaps even world
> populations, with the exception of perhaps African
> groups.
> Ellen Coffman

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