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Subject: Re: [DNA] New thread: Haplogroup I
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 02:57:31 -0500
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Why the admonition to use FireFox? MSIE works fine. I'm sure other browsers
do, too.

I don't agree with a blanket admonition to deep SNP test, mtDNA test, and go to
67 markers. His positive values for M168, M89 and M170 prove he is Haplogroup
I. If his value at DYS455 is 8, it's a virtual certainty he is I1a, in which
case there is very little reason to deep SNP test. Whether he needs to upgrade
to 67 markers, now, depends on the level of matching he is getting, now. As for
mtDNA testing, one's mtDNA haplogroup is an "interesting" thing to know, but it
is very little help in doing one's genealogy, and certainly no help whatsoever
with his patrilineal HEIM genealogy.

If money's no object, sure, test away. But for most of us, funds are limited,
and some selectivity needs to employed. He might be better off testing some
suspected cousins to 12 markers, rather than testing himself to 67.

I do agree that it's worthwhile to transfer his results to FTDNA and to upload
his results to Ysearch.


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> Hello Bonz,
> thanks for testing your DNA, please transfer your results to
> FT-DNA as described on p. 28 of my talk,
> and then please join these 2 projects (use Firefox) using the
> "Request to Join this Group" link in the top left corner:
> roject%20Web%20Site/index.aspx?fixed_columns=on
> in addition to others. Please also upload your data to
> using the icon on the left side of
> your personal FT-DNA page.
> Eventually, you should test all 67 markers and the SNPs on
> your y-chromosome, as well as HVR 1 & 2 of your mitochondria.
> Regrads, Dirk
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> Hi all,
> I just got my Y-DNA results back from the Genographic Project (after a
> delay, they said that they had to do further testing.)
> It came back "I". That's it. Just "I", no subgroup. M168, M89 and M170.
> Is this unusual? It seems to me that most have some subgroup of *I*, not
> just the main group. From where would an ancestor have come with this group?
> The surname is Heim and the furthest back I have is around 1800, in a small
> town in Bavaria not far from the Austrian boarder and not far from Munich.
> The Heim family generally seemed to be blond with blue eyes.
> Would further testing be useful in this case?
> Bonz

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