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Subject: Re: [DNA] Inbred lines of humans and the consequences
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Works for me as long as one understands the difference between the two.

Endogamy - marrying within a cultural or close-knit social group
Consanguinity - marriage or partnership with a close relative; the blood-relationship (cognatio naturalis), or the natural bond between persons descended from the same stock. ie. 1st cousins, uncle and niece, 2nd and 3rd cousins, etc.


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Yes, Ana, a perfect example of a better choice of words. Would just
consanguinity be sufficient?

Janet Crain

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>> In my opinion, more appropriate terms in
>> discussing pedigree collapse in lieu of
>> the term "inbred lines" would be a concomitant
>> higher level of endogamy and consanguinity.
>> Ana
> Thanks; that sounds better but can't we just abbreviate that to CHLEC?
> I suffer from verbosity enough as it is. :-)
> Kathy
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