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Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b1c - DNA of the 7 Royal Tribes of Wales - Melaughlin
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 00:27:48 -0000
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Here are some references [sometimes used both ways] where it is used as a
name, but they are later:

Notes on the Family of Ronayne or Ronan of Counties Cork and Waterford 15

"These Irishmen returned with the Army (Spanish) and are now in the Court of

Spain, Cahil McConor" and Edmund Eustace. These Irishmen I know were lost in

the Spanish army, Gerald Fitz-James Desmond, Thomas Desmond, son unto Sir

John Desmond; Patrick Ronayne of Limerick."

Amongst the forfeiting proprietors under Cromwell were James Ronayne, owning

property in Kinsale, Cork, Youghal, Barony of Kerricurrihy (in which Ronayne's

Court is situated); Barony of Kinalea; and in the Great Island.

The Inrolments of the Decrees of Innocents (under the Commonwealth) include

the names of Ó Ronan (Melaughlin), Ronan, Ronane (Maurice), and Ronayne....

>From the Fiants:

4734 (3988). Pardon to Gillecully O Hickey of Drommolor physician, Donell
Riaghe of Downe (Doon) Mahowne Duff m' Donill oge, Gilleduff m'Owen of
Downe, Kennedy Mahowne of Portanes, Donell m' ' Mahowne m' Kendie, Donough m
' Rorie I Cahassy, Geralt m' Teig I Meaghrie, Donogh Leighe m'Gillinaneave,
Tho m'Shane I Connell, Wm m' Edm oge mShihie, Henry m Teiq I hulian, Moragh
O'Hey, of Carrig, Derby O' Grady of Killillame, kerns, John m' Laughlin of
Downe and Conell m' Kenedye of Parke husbandmanman, Wm m' Melaughlin m'
Canogher kern, ....

4975 (4191). Pardon to Connor O'Mulrian of Eneghowney, Co. Limk., gent.,
......Morogh m'Melaughlin O'Mulrian of Kilnelage,.....

6537 (5242). Pardon to Henry Seixe of Carrickmagriffin, gent; John Butler
of Ardfenan, gent; James Tobin of same, Donogh m'Cragh, of Our Lady Abbey
(Innishlounaght ?), and Kenedie O'Lonergan of Garmanstown, husbandmanmen;
Edm Englishe of Rochestowne gent, and Ellen Morris, his wife; John Piers and
James English Fitz Edm, of same; Nich Fitz Rob Gerrald of Ballingarrie,
husb; Co. Tipp; Walter Butler of Milodstown, Co. Tipp., Tho Fitz John Codie
of Moclery, husb.; John Wale of Mollogh, yeoman; Philip Travers of
Morelstown, gent; Co. Tipp.; Theobald Bourke late of Colghofenan, Co. Tipp.
gent.; James Walsh Fitz David of Rathronan, gent; David Walsh Fitz James of
Balliviles (Ballyveelish, Clerihan ) gent; Tho Fitz John Pursell of
Bealadrohie, gent; Philip Morphin of Carrickmagriffin, husb; Rob Pursell of
Ballinchassee (Cassestown), gent :- Co. Tipp; Edm Cantwell of Ballinchasse,
and Wm. Roth m'Merrey of same, husb; Donell m'Murtagh O'Heynee of
Dorreloskan, horseman; Tho Butler Fitz John, Rich Redmund Bourke, Wm. Magher
m'Shane, and James Brennagh m'Shane, of same, husbandmanmen; Peirs Grace
Fitz Oliver of Moglasse, Tho Butler Fitz of Synone, and James Butler Fitz
Rich of same, gents; James Walsh of same, husb; Edm Hackett of Moiglasse,
John Neale, Oliver Hackett, and Melaughlin O'Loughlane, of same,

[Both ways here]

Calendar of Patent and Close Rolls, Chancery, Ireland

[1619]. July 2. Grant from the King to Sir Laurence Esmonde [Inter alia].
Co. Limerick:- Castle t. & l. of Ballyhubbert otherwise Huberstown
[Herbertstown] ½ carucate lately in the occupation of Tho. & Jas. Browne &
parcel of the possessions of late Earl of Desmond, attainted, rent 5/=
Irish; a tenement & 3a arable small measure in Gerranbane in Owneybeg barony
parcel of lands of Melaughlin McDonogh, slain in rebellion......

Co Tipperary:- ½ a small measure in Lilly, parcel of lands of said

{McMelaughlin here}

Patent Rolls

[1610]. March 2, 7 Jas. I. General Pardon to [inter alios] Tirleagh
McConnor McBrien of Kilnagoniny, yeoman; Downe O'Cahassie of Laffaly,
yeoman; Dermod McTeige O'Kelly of Mongefone, yeoman; Gibbon Englishe of
Pollardstowne, yeoman; McLaughlin oge Mc Thomas of Cullanagh, yeoman; all
Co. Limk; Murrogh McAnavero O'Brien, yeoman; Dermod O'Horregan, yeoman;
Thomas O'Collane, yeoman; Philip O'Kennedy of Tombracken, gent; Teige
Gangkagh Fitz Wm O'Meagher of Ballynanan; Rich Purcell of Loughmey, esq; all
Co Cross Tipp; Peter Fitz Morice Purcell, yeoman;
Phelim O'Rourke of Brittas, Co Cross Tipp, yeoman; Morish McArt O'Connor of
Tombracken, yeoman; Ed Fitz Morice Purcell, yeoman; Dermod Mc Melaughlin O'
Dower of Keylevehill, yeoman; Melaughlin Roe Carran of Ballifollowe, yeoman;
Donogh O'Kearney of Attashell, yeo; John O'Fogarty of Larath, yeoman;
Tirelagh Carragh O'Brien of Bealanagha [Ballina] Knt; Terlagh O'Brien of
Dromoyne esq; John O'Moholloghan of Cashel, carpenter; Gillernewe O'Meagher
of Ballyloskie, husbandman - all in Cos Tipp


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