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From: charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] i1a project vastness.
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 23:26:05 -0500
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There was a discussion about that on this list many months ago when the big
haplogroup projects were getting started. At that time the consensus was just to
provide the data and the kit numbers in down-loadable Excel files. I think at
the time their were some concerns expressed by some on the list was about
privacy concerns, etc. I don't fully recall all the discussions and the pros and
cons of including that field in such files. One can search the archives of this
list. Also, it should be noted, that many records do not fill that out field.

If those in this forum wish to discuss it again, the pros and cons, and reach a
consensus, I am willing to listen and reconsider including that field, if
appropriate, in the next update of my Excel files.

Charles Kerchner
R1b and Subclades Project Admin

Tim Janzen wrote:
> Dear Charles,
> Thanks for the information that the R1b STR data is available in the
> "Results" area. I just downloaded the three files as follows:
> 1. R1b data table file sorted by Kit Number provided by Charles Kerchner.
> 2. R1b data table file sorted by Haplogroup provided by Charles Kerchner.
> 3. R1b data table file sorted by Haplo color (SNP tested=Green or
> Predicted=Red then by Haplogroup provided by Charles Kerchner.
> These are all very nice to have and I appreciate you making them
> available. I hope other administrators of large projects will do likewise.
> The only complaint I would have about the three Excel files I mentioned
> above is that the column that contains the surnames of the most distant
> ancestor appears to have been deleted from all of the files. Is there a
> reason why you did that? When I last looked at the "Y Results" section in
> November this section included the information about the most distant
> ancestor for each haplotype. As best as I can tell the "Y Results" section
> on the R1b project web site is still non-functional like it was earlier
> today. Adrian Williams and his coworkers must still be trying to make
> changes to the web site.
> Sincerely,
> Tim

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> Tim,
> Re. the R1b Project, check the "Results" section of my R1b project. It is
> already available to you and other there in downloadable sorted Excel files
> format from my servers. I've had the data available in compact sorted Excel
> downloadable format for quite some time.
> Charles Kerchner
> R1b Project Admin

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