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From: "Ned Jimmerson" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] i1a project vastness.
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 09:57:00 -0600
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Good Morning Everyone. I have two more cents to input on this thread. My Interest is in extracting data from Haplogroup Projects at Ftdna. in a Manner which I feel would be most efficient for all interested Parties. I speak most directly to the I1a Project because that is where my genes reside along with an ever-growing number of Others of that Haplogroup. to the point, I believe that for many of us if the Data in the I1a database were categorized at the Source, by the programming of a Server to separate the Mass of I1a data into Ken's I1a Nomenclature it would be a benefit to all. One those seeking Matches etc in for example I1a UN could select that portion only to down load and study. Two the already harried Project admins should then be allowed to monitor and indeed grow the Project More. Three those Persons interested in extracting I1a data for broader research would then be able to download more manageable block of data. if such a concept is workable I could proba!
bly find a way to make a contribution to the I1a project General Fund. as it works now even with a new computer with the whiz-bang Setup suggested by My IT oriented Children the Y results Section of the I1a Project takes far longer to Download than I can put into My Day.. So I seldom look at it any more Enjoy the Day, Ned.
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