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From: John Norway <>
Subject: [DNA] DNA Versus the ______doctors
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 19:36:18 -0800 (PST)

Ken stated:

I think we are going to hear ever more from guilds feeling threatened as time goes by.

From a DNA and genealogy testing standpoint, the medical professionals have very good reasons to be seriously concerned about unproved genetic testing mental health kits. I am taken aback when any professional, in any scientific field, presents a potentially unbalanced viewpoint online. Everything in life is a matter of balance, integrity, and honest-open communications. Since I have a family with known mental health illnesses, yes - I can readily admit that genetics within the family tree most likely plays an important role. But I am not convinced that genetic testing kits can effectively warn people about their risks.

If we are to focus attention on effective processes in this area, let it be about enabling folks with such mental health illnesses to gain the crucial EMDR treatment from a trained clinician, rather than putting down the mental health fields legitimate concerns regarding unproven genetic testing kits.

John Norway

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