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Subject: Re: [DNA] When is SNP Testing Useful for Genealogists?
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 17:21:32 EST

I find SNP testing very useful when we get close 25 or 37 matches
to confirm that everyone is in the same ancient genetic group or
haplogroup clade.

Until you find close matches, then I would not recommend SNP testing
for anyone until they are curious and want to know.

One other caveat, sometimes with the FTDNA haplogroup guesstimation
algorithm, men are put in the wrong haplogroup based on the STR
markers. If they match others who are in a different haplogroup then
SNP testing can help.



Thank you, Bill. At this point, I don't think anyone has a lead worth
pursuing, except perhaps the fact that most of the names in the AS7E subgroup of
I1a (to which my family belongs) appear to be most commonly found in the north
and northeast of England, and I don't quite know how to pursue that beyond
researching each of the names.

Everyone in the project has taken the 43 marker test from RG or DNAH. One
of the R1b's had a close match to someone tested at SMGF, but of course, we
don't know who he was. He was also close to a couple of others tested on 12
markers by FTDNA, yet neither has answered my e-mails sent from Y-search.

I think we're stuck until someone does find a close match with proven
English ancestry, and who knows when that will be? It's rather discouraging, yet
my job (in part), I suppose, is to encourage the others not to lose hope.


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