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Subject: Re: [DNA] When is SNP Testing Useful for Genealogists?
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 11:51:22 EST

My opinion is that SNP testing is almost always useless if one is
strictly interested in genealogical questions (e.g. do A and B both
descend from C).

Of course, many people who take DNA tests are interested in their
deep ancestry in addition to (or instead of) their genealogy and for
them SNP tests can be a useful product.

In my experience, testing 25 or more markers (which I almost always
advise for genealogical projects anyway) can allow an administrator
to provide a very accurate estimate of both haplogroup and degree of
relatedness. I think I have experienced only one case in which SNP
testing has provided potentially useful genealogical information and
even then it raised a question that has not yet been answered.



I am grateful for your opinion---my conclusion (based on less experience
with the data) is exactly the same. If anyone in my project is particularly
interested in deep ancestry, I'm not aware of it--I believe they think of it as
I do, an extra that comes with standard DNA testing. One exception would be
the possibility of connecting to an ancient oral/historical tradition.


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