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From: Didier VERNADE <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] reevaluating refugium's theory
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 04:23:27 +0100 (CET)

Here is an other link where I found this reference : J.-P. Bocquet-Appel et al., « Estimates of Upper Palaeolithic meta-population size in Europe from archaeological data », Journal of Archaeological Science, vol. XXXII, n° 11, novembre 2005.
The outcome is that total population is estimated to have stayed around 5OOO. It incresed to 28000 12000 BP.
The link where I found the reference is :

OK Lawrence but the main human population at these times in Europe seems to have been gathering in places (such as south west of France) where apparently the food (animals like horses) was abundant enough. It may not have been the case in Balkans.
Here is one link with nice maps. The site is in french but the pdf version allows a nice reading of the maps of all sites throughout Europe :

It's striking that there are little sites in the middle of Spain as well. Again I suspect that it's a question of relation to food.


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