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Subject: Re: [DNA] ht15 / ht35: the answer ?
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 18:53:21 EST

I see several of these DYF385 10 -10 results at the
ht35 DNA project site. Very nice, Vince.

It would be great to have an inexpensive screening
test distinguishing ht35 from ht15 that would be reliable.
The DYF385 of 10 - 10 shows up in too many
haplogroups but along with the M269+ it might be a
way to discern an Eastern R1b if that is all you
wanted to know.

I am thinking of the Brits who live around Roman
Forts who would not want the government to know
their DNA results, but they might be willing to do a
quick screening test anonymously if it didn't cost so
much. I am particularly interested in ht35 men
who can confirm that their ancestors were living
near the fort at Slack where the Pannonians fathered
children in the UK during the Roman occupation.
Some of the Yorkshire people are becoming intrigued
by the whole idea, especially those involved in the
recent excavations.
Kathy J.

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