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Subject: Re: [DNA] Comparison of deCODEme results for theY-chromosomeofR1b1c7and R1b...
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 13:16:00 -0800
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In a conversation between a couple of us and Dr. Hammer at the last
Houston FTDNA conference, I explicitly asked Dr. Hammer if all the new SNPs
appearing on his updated Y-Haplogroup tree would be given rs numbers. I
certainly interpreted his response as a definite "yes". The poster version
of the FTDNA 2008 Y Haplogroup tree (as shown at the Houston conference) has
a huge number of SNPs that I don't believe have rs numbers. Among these are
the SNPs of the P-series, all from Hammer's own group. The new tree contains
most of the P-series SNPs from P1 to P297. I have rs numbers for only nine
of these! It would seem a lot of effort is required to get the information
submitted and to be assigned rs numbers. While many of Underhill's M-series
SNPs have rs numbers, there must be at least fifty appearing in the tree
that have no rs numbers. (M1 through M467 appear in the new FTDNA tree
and/or the ISOGG 2007 tree).

Richard R. Kenyon ("Dick")

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> Does anyone know whether the new YCC phylogenetic tree to be published by
> Hammer will include more citations to dbSNP? There has been a relative
> paucity of
> P series markers with rs numbers to date. I wonder if it would pay to hold
> off until that paper is published and/or deCODEme updates its tree
> structure.
> Ann Turner

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