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From: "Ned Jimmerson" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Genetic Distance and DYS464
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 09:13:09 -0500
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Hi. My response from FTDNA when I
asked them about Their counting of DYS 464 was that They counted each mismatch in 464 as 1 in other words Your Cousin Lane and the other Lane would total 5 on 464 alone. let alone the other 5 mismatches. if They are now counting 464 differences in total as 1 mismatch that would change My one 37 marker YDNA Match from 34/37 to 35 37. at a GD of even 5 on 37 Markers My impression is these Lanes are not related. You might ask FTDNA how they count DYS464 to see what answer You receive. Enjoy the Day, Ned. Matter; Where ,You go, There You ,are.

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