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From: Robert Stafford <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Genetic Distance and DYS464
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 07:18:50 -0700 (PDT)
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I would go along with FTDNA's recommendation to test other family members to look for an in-betweener:

In particular, I would try to test the most remote documented cousins available. This should eliminate more recent mutations, if you two have a MRCA in a genealogical time frame. Even if you are not related, knowing the MRCA will facilitate intra- and inter-family comparisons, Thus, a negative result would still be useful for genealogical purposes.

Upgrading is another possibility, However, even if the near match turned out to be 62/67, it is still not as convinicng as an ancestral-to-ancestral or living-to-ancestral match.

Bob Stafford

"Michael L. Hébert" <> wrote:
I am trying to evaluate a semi-close 37-marker match between my Lane cousin
(Ysearch QRP7B, predicted R1a) and another Lane (Ysearch MDQ3V). There are
mismatches at 5 markers: a difference of 1 at markers DYS19/394, DYS459b,
DYS449, and DYS576, plus a difference at DYS464 of QRP7B=12-15-15-17 vs
MDQ3V=12-12-15-15. Ysearch reports a genetic distance of 5 between QRP7B
and MDQ3V (the match does not appear on the Y-DNA Match page at the
37-marker level). It seems as though Ysearch is counting the genetic
distance at DYS464 as 1. Could this difference at DYS464 have been the
result of one mutation event, perhaps a recLOH for MDQ3V where the 17 went
down to a 12? The two sets of results can be seen at ...

There is nothing else that possibly connects these two Lanes at this point
other than this borderline match, the same surname, and probable origin in
England for both lines. My Lanes were in NC by the mid-18th century and the
other Lanes seem to have settled in New England.

Any input appreciated.


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