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From: "Jacques Beaugrand" <>
Subject: [DNA] age of U152/S28
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 00:06:24 -0400

Ken & David et al

On last April 5 2008 I have made an estimate of the age of S28 using the available data at the time.
I am not at all sure of the validity of this result.

Based upon 67 markers and using the Chandler & Little formula with 30 years per generation I found that mutation S28
would have appeared 3080 years ago, that is 103 generations ago. Which would be rather recent.
It was the age of copper, the beginning of writing and of the domestication of the horse. It is thus before the apparition of so called indo-European tongues in Europe. The invention of cordate ceramics occurred later. A that epoch, in what is known today as Switzerland, the groups Cortaillod and Horgen (more to the North) settled on lakes (palafittes) and also occupied higher sites in the mountains, combining farming with fishing and hunting.

As for the number of S28 men living in Western Europe right now (GB, It, FR, CH, Be, Ne, Ge) it would be in excess of
10 millions (10E+6). Add as much living on the American continent.

If only 0.001% of these get Y-DNA tested, an automated procedure will surely the best way to keep up in the future with incoming data.
Unless seizing data would have some catharsis effect ...


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