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From: WBDave <>
Subject: [DNA] New Chimpanzee Y-DNA project
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 21:04:32 -0400


Three days ago, John Marsh sprung on us the idea of testing a chimpanzee on FTDNA's standard 67 Y-DNA STR markers. To quote John: "Chimpanzee and Bonobo are sufficiently different to each other, and to humans, to make differences between their Y-DNA markers potentially interesting, and give insights into how mutations of Y STRs have wandered along over very long time periods. The common ancestor of humans and Chimps is about 100 times longer than the common ancestor of all human male lines"

Today, I am announcing the formation of the Chimpanzee Y-DNA Project. In FTDNA's database it will be a Y-Haplogroup project and the official name is Close_Cousins. The original goal is for fun and curiosity since we don't really know what we'll get. But hopefully we make some interesting discoveries that may prove useful and encourage further research.

Within the next week or two I will be creating a web site for the project. Current plans call for a Bonogo page and a Chimpanzee page, each covering miscellaneous information, results, and links. There will also be a results comparison page showing how they compare to each other, and maybe to modals of various human Y-Haplogroups. (Any bets which is the closest?) If testing proves successful, maybe we can go a bit farther back in time and include Gorillas, Orangutans, and Gibbons.

We will be getting the standard 67 marker rate at FTDNA. Bennett has graciously offered to pick up any additional cost that might be involved since it most likely will require extra processing. Thank you Bennett.

Since it is unlikely the DNA donor can pay for the test, we will be relying on monetary donations from humans. We have already had several individuals offer to "Chimp in" to cover the cost of testing, but we will need additional donations as the project progresses. A Chimpanzee DNA fund has been set up at FTDNA.

To make a donation - go here: > It will take you to the Contribution to The General Fund form where credit cards or PayPal can be used. Enter "Close Cousins" in the Surname Project or Notes line.

Depending on donations I hope to start with a 67 marker test for both a Bonogo and a Chimpanzee. Then possibly additional testing based on Thomas Krahn's suggestions. Hopefully, in time we can test additional Bonogo's and Chimpanzee's and look for variations.

Now, our next step is to find Bonogo's and Chimpanzee's willing to be tested. I'm guessing the easiest place to find one is the zoo. Bonogo's will be a little more difficult. So...if you all could check with your local zoos or Primate houses and get back to me, it will be appreciated.

Now the fun begins.

Bill Davenport
Administrator Close Cousins DNA Project

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