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From: "Alfred A. Aburto Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] mushing
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2008 18:47:34 -0700
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I found this on google:
*MUSH* has a set of basic math functions that can manipulate strings
that consist of *...* ADD(*number*,*number*): Adds the two *numbers
together*. MUL(*number*,*number*) *...
There are lots of definitions though ...
*> Ken Nordtvedt wrote:
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> From: "Sam Vass" <>
>> My attempt at levity apparently was not well received. I like
>> (your) Ken's earlier idea of least squares averaging of the results of
>> individual computations using individual mutation rates and their
>> singular associated marker ASD (variance).
> I just wanted to know what engineers mean by "mushing". Only thing that
> came to mind was mush --- a mixed up, soft mess of something or the other.
> That least squares averaging stuff has been around a long time in many
> different contexts and applications.

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