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From: Raymond Wing <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] How could we tell?
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 16:07:31 -0700 (PDT)
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This would just be too much work for a company to achieve.

We all know how "accurate" the LDS familysearch site is (as well as other online genealogy databases).

In addition, there will be people who know that their surname is not their direct male line (whether through adoption or what have you), but a company would not have that knowledge.

--- On Wed, 6/11/08, Ken Nordtvedt &lt;&gt; wrote:
From: Ken Nordtvedt &lt;&gt;
Subject: [DNA] How could we tell?
Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2008, 6:21 PM

Suppose we were reduced to a single testing company? I just woke from an
afternoon nap --- the snow, rain, and wind here is so ferocious there was not
much else to do. I had a quasi-dream about a wonderful spoof a single testing
company could play on us all.

Suppose they never did a lab measurement, but instead had a well done computer
program that just generated "results" for us according to some decent
mathematical rules which mimick what STR markers would do. They had a whole
virtual construction of mankind's tree of ydna and mtdna, its
"history", and the geographical distributions it leaves today, and of
course the narratives we read about to go along with it. They kept track via
the LDS genealogical records, etc., how close we are to others of our surnames,
etc........, so their computer could spit out reasonable GDs among ourselves.
And on and on. Actually, it might cost a company more to run the spoof than to
just test us for what we really are, although I'm not sure.

How would we go about exposing such a spoof?

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