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Subject: Re: [DNA] STR mutation rates
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 14:32:59 +1000
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Please be aware of an earlier post by John Chandler that some of the 68-78 markers were incorrectly transposed by Leo Little from
the SMGF 2004 poster.
These are the corrected figures for the 4 markers in question.
444 medium 0.00296
445 slow 0.00095
446 medium 0.00314
452 medium 0.00174

Note:- while the values may have changed, only 445 has changed type from medium to slow

Dennis W

Dear Bryan,
I don't recall that anyone on the list has ever tried to define the
breakpoints between slow, medium, and fast mutating markers before. As
others have mentioned, this is an arbitrary decision. I sorted the 67
markers in the FTDNA 67 marker panel as well as 9 markers included in the
SMGF 43 marker panel that aren't included in the FTDNA 67 marker panel by
their mutation rates as found on Leo Little's web site at
.htm. The mutation rates were calculated by John Chandler. These rates are
probably among the most accurate mutation rates that have been published to
date. I arbitrarily chose a mutation rate of 0.001 as the breakpoint
between slow and medium mutating markers. I arbitrarily chose a mutation
rate of 0.005 as the breakpoint between medium and fast mutating markers. I
hope you find this list of help to you. Feel free to chose different
breakpoints if you prefer.
Tim Janzen

MarkerTypeRateTesting Company
472slow 0.00001FTDNA
578slow 0.00008FTDNA
426slow 0.00009FTDNA, SMGF
454slow 0.00016FTDNA, SMGF
455slow 0.00016FTDNA, SMGF
425slow 0.00018FTDNA
436slow 0.00018FTDNA
641slow 0.00018FTDNA
490slow 0.00019FTDNA
450slow 0.0002FTDNA
388slow 0.00022FTDNA, SMGF
594slow 0.00029FTDNA
395s1slow 0.00031FTDNA
395s1slow 0.00031FTDNA
640slow 0.00034FTDNA
531slow 0.00037FTDNA
492slow 0.00042FTDNA
617slow 0.00042FTDNA
392slow 0.00052FTDNA, SMGF
568slow 0.00053FTDNA
462slow 0.00053SMGF
590slow 0.00054FTDNA
438slow 0.00055FTDNA, SMGF
537slow 0.00057FTDNA
393slow 0.00076FTDNA, SMGF
565slow 0.00087FTDNA
B07slow 0.00093SMGF
487slow 0.00097FTDNA
437slow 0.00099FTDNA, SMGF
YCAIIamedium0.00123FTDNA, SMGF
YCAIIbmedium0.00123FTDNA, SMGF
459amedium0.00132FTDNA, SMGF
459bmedium0.00132FTDNA, SMGF
448medium0.00135FTDNA, SMGF
19medium0.00151FTDNA, SMGF
389imedium0.00186FTDNA, SMGF
H4medium0.00208FTDNA, SMGF
385amedium0.00226FTDNA, SMGF
385bmedium0.00226FTDNA, SMGF
389iimedium0.00242FTDNA, SMGF
447medium0.00264FTDNA, SMGF
391medium0.00265FTDNA, SMGF
390medium0.00311FTDNA, SMGF
444medium0.00321FTDNA, SMGF
442medium0.00324FTDNA, SMGF
446medium0.00365FTDNA, SMGF
460medium0.00402FTDNA, SMGF
439medium0.00477FTDNA, SMGF
481fast 0.00544FTDNA
464afast 0.00566FTDNA, SMGF
464bfast 0.00566FTDNA, SMGF
464cfast 0.00566FTDNA, SMGF
464dfast 0.00566FTDNA, SMGF
456fast 0.00735FTDNA, SMGF
570fast 0.0079FTDNA
458fast 0.00814FTDNA, SMGF
534fast 0.00832FTDNA
449fast 0.00838FTDNA, SMGF
576fast 0.01022FTDNA
CDYafast 0.03531FTDNA
CDYbfast 0.03531FTDNA

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This is probably a naive question , but what are generally considered to be
the "break-points" in a classification of slow, medium and fast mutating
STR's. Thanks, Bryan Cook

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