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From: "Victor Villarreal" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Jewish E1b1b
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 22:34:04 -0500
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> From:
> Dear Victor,
> I gave up.
> I explained - repeatedly - how I do work with haplotype trees, how I
> segregate subclades on a tree, how I calculate them separately, unless they
> do not segregate even in 67-marker haplotype trees, and you continue to talk
> about "between distinct subclades" and talk generalities using vague terms
> such as "extremely long period of time", etc.
> Read my papers if you want to learn what I do and how I analyze haplotypes.
> Regards,
> Anatole

Dear Anatole,

It may be the language barrier but I'm not the only one having trouble
understanding your concepts, particularly when the terminology and methods
you use depart from what we've become accustomed to read in population
genetics studies. I have a particular interest in haplogroup E and would
like that readers of this email list grasp more clearly everything about

And to be honest, you haven't really explained how you work with haplotype
trees or how you "segregate" subclades on a tree. I know, you will
recommend again that we read your paper. But, if my comments seem to vague,
maybe you too should delve into the details and specifics of the "de
rigueur" authors of population genetics, so we can exchange common concepts.

Best Regards,


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