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From: "Walter S. Gabennesch" <>
Subject: [DNA] Autosomal Markers Panel 3 RESULTS
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 14:21:46 -0400

I am going to quit taking these ^@#&* things. I never know what the results mean or where I can get a simple explanation that I can understand.
I can't even find these Markers in the explanations offered by FTDNA.

So, my question is what do they mean? What is 16-16? My oral family history says Potomac and Creek/Cherokee Indian. Potomac ocurred in Va. abt. 1720 and is pretty solid. American Indians, it seems, didn't keep much in the way of written records. Creek/Cherokee ocurred abt. 1750 in Western NC or Western Va. and the biggest question is tribal designation.

What is the NA value? Is it 9? What would the value look like compared with the VALUE shown below?

Forget about my haplogroup, they went to Europe probably 2000 years ago and I don't think I have any autosomal traces of those ancestors.

Autosomal Markers Panel 3
D12S391 21-24
D9S919 16-16
D10S1248 14-16
D14S1434 12-13
D22S1045 11-12
CD4 10-10

Walt Gabennesch

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