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From: Didier VERNADE <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Variability of DYS 570
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 02:51:31 +0200 (CEST)

You may not like this answer but mutations can always happen ; the fact that a marker mutated in one way doesn't prevent another mutation the next generation in any direction (up or down). The best way to know should be to compare other markers. If 67 markers are not enough it's now possible to get more ; you can try DYF399 or markers of panel 9, until you find some other polymorphism.


> In one of my projects, I have 20 members of the same family now tested. Up to
> this point, a mutation at one marker divided them in two: those who were 21 at
> DYS570 and those who were 20 at that marker. This division was congruent with
> the family's division on paper. With the 20th member, however, a monkey-wrench
> has been thrown in the works because this person is 20 at DYS570, yet on paper
> he belongs to the branch that is 21 at DYS570. The easiest resolution would be
> that a mistake has been made in his paper genealogy, but given their geographic
> locations, the prospect of a change in paper resolving the problem is not
> promising.
> My understanding is that DYS570 is *the* most variable of all the markers in the
> 67-marker FTDNA suite. Is DYS570 variable enough that the same mutation could
> arise twice in the same family in a few generations -- on different lines of
> descent?
> Diana
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