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From: "Alfred A. Aburto Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] J Haplogroup Project report: J2a1e / J2a8 bigger than wasthought
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 12:52:36 -0700
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In my J database (4300 haplotypes at this time) I have 20 J2a8 (ISOGG:
J2a1e) confirmed and candidate haplotypes (based on the help of
DYS413a=16). Their distribution by country is as follows:
Crete 9
Mexico 6
Puerto Rico 1
Greece 1
Hungary 1
Italy 1
Hopefully as more people test 67 markers (which includes the important
DYS413) we'll get a better picture of the distribution of J2a8. It
looks like Mexico, but really Iberia, is a major contributor to this
Y-DNA lineage! It hasn't shown up specifically in Iberia yet though.
We clearly need more Iberians (Portugal, Spain, the Basque's) to test
more markers. Four of the 6 haplotypes from Mexico are genetically
similar with DYS19=13, DYS391=11, and DYS439=10 as specific markers, so
perhaps there has been a local Mexico "blossoming" of J2a8 from a single
founder from Iberia? I don't really know, just speculating, but clearly
these J2a1e (J2a8) folks are pretty interesting!

> Gary Felix wrote:
> Bonnie,
> I am currently reading the book Prehistoric Iberia which features a lot of material on the Crete population. This book is generally about the Paleo Saharan connection (early on during the greening of the Sahara before 10 ya) with general east to west migrations in people like the Iberomaurusians. Anyway they use autosomal dna in their analysis and found a common HLA-A haplotype in the Cretan pop. (.4%) that is shared with 3.6% of French Basque and Cornish, 2.6% Austrian, 2.3% Britons, 1.9% Spanish, 1.8% Spanish Basque, .9% in Algerians and other Med.
> Based on the spread of these haplogoups Mtdna U6 in Iberia and N. Africa and old R1b1 and maybe your J2a8 (based on the Crete connection and spread thus far) appear to be good candidates for this ancient group. This migration would have been severly effected by climate change and may speak to the scarceness of this haplogroup.
> There are 3 J2a8 in the Mexico Project.
> Gary
> Mexico DNA Project Admin.

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