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From: David F Reynolds <>
Subject: [DNA] rs11799226 (was SNPs on Chips update)
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 21:19:11 -0700
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008, 5:17:55 PM, Thomas Krahn wrote:
> From my first glimpse it looks like rs7067305 (near R-U152) and
> rs11799226 (near R-P312) will be the next new players in R1b.

Rs11799226 looks especially interesting. Petit (E-M81), Athey (G2a-U8), Egede-Nissen (I1c-P109), Cooley (R1a1), Faux (R-U152/S28), Evans (R-M269) are ancestral ("C"). Whalen and Reynolds (R-P312/S116), Kenyon and Price (R-M269) are derived ("G"). Not known whether the three R-M269's are actually R-M269 or R-P312/S116.

If both Kenyon and Price are P312/S116+, then I think the topology would look like this:

..R-M269 -- Evans (if P312-)
....R-P312/S116 -- Evans (if P312+)
......R-U152/S28 -- Faux
......R-rs11799226 -- Whalen, Reynolds, Kenyon, Price

Leaving the question open as to whether M37/M65/M153/M167/M222/P66/S68 are underneath R-rs11799226, or at a peer level to it.

If either Whalen or Price are P312/S116-, then I think the only way to account for the above is if R-rs11799226 mutated twice, first from C to G between R-M343 and R-P312/S116, and then a back mutation from G to C underneath P312/S116. Seems like an overly complicated and unlikely scenario, so let's hope that Whalen and Price are P312/S116+. :)


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