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From: "David Faux" <>
Subject: [DNA] X Chromsome Block Party - Potentially as Informative as mtand Y DNA
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 11:01:38 -0800


If you go to Dna-forums we are in the process of examining the meaning of
three haploblocks on the X chromosome. If you have taken the 23andme
testing, this would likely be of interest to you and I am here to invite you
to the goings on. This is uncharted territory. Cutting edge. This could
be the next hot area of research, particularly among those such as myself
who have explored the mtDNA and YDNA end of things to the point where it has
become clear that we are on course to realize their full potential in
revealing components of our ancestry. However until Anders Palsen brought
this to my attention, with the enthusiasm and persistence of Katy Johnston,
and with Ann Turner's recent paper on the subject in JOGG, I had ignored
what amounts to the opportunity to mine for gold in the X chromosome. Most
of us are just in early infancy here and the learning curve is a bit steep
but progress is being made. Truly it was Anders who sparked my interest -
his postings did not receive a great deal of response, probably because at
that time few of us had taken the decodeme and 23andme testing. Now that
the numbers have increased dramatically I suggest that interested folk
review what is in the Archives of this List (searchng "Anders") over the
past few months to get a sense of what the potential might be.

There are three threads ongoing at dna-forums:

Block 1 (25 SNP markers identified by Kathy J since she is homozygous here
and so her parents have the same haplotype):

Block 2 (34 markers identified by DKF based on a selection via the decodeme
browser indicating that this section was "Asian"):

Block 3 (24 markers identified by DKF based on a selection via the decodeme
browser indicating that this secion was "African" (probably ancient?). This
area is at the centromere which is much less likely to recombine):

Hopefully we can obtain even greater participation in this exciting new
adventure destined to be my new obsession (although I am not about to shelve
R-U152 work) through 2009. How convenient that I am retiring next week and
will have a lot more time to explore topics of interest.

David K. Faux.

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