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From: Michael Maddi <>
Subject: [DNA] L48 results soon for R1b-U106 Project members
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 16:08:51 -0800 (PST)

FTDNA has just introduced a new SNP, L48, to the "advanced orders" menu. This SNP, which is downstream from U106, was discovered through testing at 23andMe last fall. It was discovered in the results of Hokanson (ysearch ID 3k37y), who is also derived for L44, L45, L46 and L47. He shares L44-48 with Craig Venter, the businessman who's publicly posted his genome sequence.

There are 88 R1b-U106 Project members who are awaiting L48 results from Batch 296, the first batch that includes L48. There are another 9 project member who have tested at 23andMe and already have an L48 result; two of them, Loe (ysearch ID HUGNS) and Quartemont (EKZJF), are among the 88 who ordered at FTDNA. They already have gotten their L48+ result from FTDNA, so FTDNA must have used them in their research testing for the SNP. This gives us a total of 95 members who either have an L48 result or will have it fairly soon.

Here's a breakdown by geographical region of ancestry for these 95:

Central Europe - 4
Northeastern Europe - 4
Northwestern Europe - 7
Scandinavia - 3
Southeastern Europe - 3
Southwestern Europe - 1
UK & Ireland - 27
MDKA outside Europe - 46

Unfortunately, we don't have more testees with MDKA in Europe. Outside Northwestern Europe and UK&I, we really don't have significant samples for each geographic region and Northwestern Europe is marginal as a significant sample with only 7 members testing. That will make it hard to recognize any geographic distribution for L48. That will come with time, especially later this year when FTDNA officially includes L48 in the deep clade test.

I have the haplotypes for these 95 members in one spreadsheet and will add their L48 results as they come in. The spreadsheet can also be sorted by alleles for the various markers. I'm particularly interested in seeing if there is a significant difference in L48 percentage between those with DYS390=23 and DYS390=24 or other markers.

Stay tuned for a report soon on what the first 95 results for L48 indicate.

Mike Maddi

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