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From: James Heald <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] TMRCAs for groups of haplotypes ?
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 11:01:32 +0000
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Al Aburto wrote:
> If you can't verify then there is a
> problem. I think I understand Anatole's methods. He has published
> examples (there was some kind of Nature Proceedings online article of
> his. Did you get that? Let me know if not and I will send to you the
> "doc" files). I'm _not_ sure that he covers errors though ...

I have seen what he uploaded to Nature *PRE*ceedings - an open,
unreviewed anyone-can-upload-there preprint server.

The paper gives a number of "results" he claims, without disclosing any
datasets or methodolgy - so nothing that can be analysed, critiqued or
independently verified.

It has currently attracted 0 votes of recommendation.

-- James

(who doesn't like to knock things, but IMO confusion between
pro-ceedings and pre-ceedings could actually be quite harmful; perhaps
Nature should have thought twice before going with the punning name).

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