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From: Al Aburto <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] New developments in Y haplogroup J-M304 ...
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 06:29:03 -0700
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Wow, 23andMe comes through again! Good news Tim!

> Tim Janzen wrote:
> Dear Al, Angela, and Bonnie,
> I am negative for all of these SNPs based except for M137 based on
> my 23andMe results. I find it interesting that I am derived for M137. It
> may turn out that M137 is a relatively sizable subclade in L70. Bonnie and
> Angela recently reported that Mr. Lynch (Ysearch #3MPFM) and Mr. Wade
> (Ysearch #3FFHVA) are also M137+. My haplotype is a genetic distance of 17
> from Mr. Lynch's haplotype when comparing the 39 markers we have both
> tested. My haplotype is a genetic distance of 8 from Mr. Wade's haplotype
> when comparing the 25 markers we have both tested. Mr. Wade and Mr. Lynch
> are only a genetic distance of 3 from each other at 25 markers. Using my
> variance calculator I calculated an intraclade TMRCA estimate of 2605 years
> when comparing Mr. Wade's, Mr. Lynch's, and my 12 marker haplotypes. The
> fact that I am M137+ and L70+ also means that M137 is downstream from L70
> since Mr. Krol and Mr. Cardello have been tested by 23andMe and found to be
> L70+, but negative for M137.
> Bonnie, can you make a note that I am M137+ the next time you update
> the FTDNA haplogroup J project? Bonnie, did you ever get a chance to check
> to see how many people in J2a1k1 (DYS445=6) Cluster A in the haplogroup J
> project have been tested for M137 and found to be negative? You might want
> to create a subdivision of the J2a1k1 (DYS445=6) Cluster A that is negative
> for M137 the next time you update the FTDNA haplogroup J project if any of
> the members have been tested for this SNP. It would seem to me that it
> would be reasonable for anyone in the J2a1k1 (DYS445=6) Cluster A to test
> for M137.
> I still haven't sent my 23andMe results to Adriano Squecco, but plan
> to do that in the near future so that he can add them to his spreadsheet.
> Sincerely,
> Tim Janzen

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