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From: Al Aburto <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Help Interpreting Results for D9S919
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 08:30:23 -0700
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The paper you need to examine is here:

I think that unless you have the 9 or 10 allele that it is difficult to
conclude anything concretely regarding Native of the America's ancestry
from D9S919 (D9S1120). This was my conclusion anyway after reviewing
the above paper ...

> Gene wrote:
> Dear Listers,
> I need help interpreting a male FTDNA member's autosomal results which
> show a value of 12-16 at D9S919. His mother's great-grandfather, who
> I will call NA-Joseph, is believed to have been a full blooded Native
> American. NA-Joseph's tribal affiliation is unknown at this time,
> but some old photos of NA-Joseph's daughter (half Native American /
> half Scandinavian) born 1870, Wisconsin, clearly show characteristic
> NA facial features and tell-tale NA symbols and graphics woven into
> her clothing (member will send photo off list). The male FTDNA member
> is a great-grandson of this woman, so the line of descent goes;
> 1.) NA-Joseph,
> 2.) Daughter of NA-Joseph (photographed),
> 3.) Granddaughter of NA-Joseph,
> 4.) G-Granddaughter of NA-Joseph, and
> 5.) GG-Grandson of NA-Joseph (FTDNA member).
> I also want to see if I understand what I have been reading here and
> elsewhere about the individual allele at autosomal microsatellite
> locus D9S919 aka D9S1120. A value of 9 "proves" Native American
> ancestry and a value of 15-18 indicates European ancestry while a
> value of 19 is rare and "could" indicate Native American ancestry
> though not proven and while a value of 9 is not known in any
> population other than Native America, a value of anything else does
> not necessarily disprove Native American ancestry as it may simply
> mean that a particular individual has not inherited this particular
> allele. ....... <pausing to breath> .......
> So, how can we interpret this member's results which show a value of
> 12-16 at D9S919?
> Thank you!
> Gene

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