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Subject: Re: [DNA] Gender attraction and Genetics
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 10:20:10 -0700
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I do not apologize for my post. Only the reference of "setting aside
religious beliefs" which was a poor choice of words and not meant to imply
one should give up their religion, only be open to scientific truth when
confronted with it.

To say it is not an appropriate topic for a group that studies genetics and
genealogy I totally disagree with.

In 1956 I was required to have a doctor certify that I did not have "on drop
of black blood"

If so I could not be admitted to Northwestern State College in Louisiana.
That was the law.

53 years later thanks to genetics studies we learn we are all out of Africa.
Also personally according to Autosomal tests I have had there is a very
strong indication my DNA profile has very strong links to Brazilian
populations, Portuguese, African, Mestizo. Somewhere in my "Caucasian"
family past an admixture occurred. An event hidden for generations. Had
that information been known in 1956 I would have been banned from a public
school. Even if this strong clue, indication, proves to not have happened it
has provided a lesson in how destructive prejudice is and how it blinds us
from truth.

My only "Agenda" is truth and if the study DNA takes me in that direction
so be it.


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Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2009 9:17 AM
Subject: Re: [DNA] Gender attraction and Genetics

> That is something I could not care less about and that, in fact, I find
> repulsive. What about your own "social prejudices" and your own very
> obvious
> agenda?
> I do not think this is a suitable topic for this list.
> If a person can "set aside [his] . . . religious beliefs", does he really
> have any?
> Rich
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> Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2009 11:56 AM
> Subject: [DNA] Gender attraction and Genetics
>> There have been some studies if genetics plays a role in what gender a
>> person is attracted to and whether it runs in certain family lines or
>> groups. In the role of genealogy in researching family gays and lesbians
>> are often hidden, the invisible ones. Research is difficult because
>> science, and subjects, are often overshadowed by social prejudices and
>> religious dogma. In the past, many under social pressure married, had
>> children, and acted out heterosexual roles.
>> I would think that serious genealogists would, through intellectual
>> curiosity and honesty, wish to know that members of their family were gay
>> and lesbian and contributing members of their family and society. It was
>> far easer to speak of them in terms such as bachelor uncles, maiden
>> aunts,
>> old maids and eccentrics, not that all given those terms were gay but it
>> was a common cover to keep them within the social graces of their
>> families
>> and society and sublimate self-admission of their true nature.
>> Regardless of cause, genetic, hormonal, or social environment, I would
>> hope serious researchers would set aside their personal prejudices and
>> religious beliefs for the sake of objective analysis.
>> Don
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