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From: "Ricardo Costa de Oliveira" <>
Subject: [DNA] RES: Gender attraction and Genetics
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 18:02:01 -0300
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Welcome Don

Science has not yet completely identified the complete SNPs sequences
related to "simple" features like the colors of the eyes, baldness or
height, so we can imagine that a group of SNPs eventually related to
homosexuality is a far more complex issue.
I am more interested in your "strong links" to the Brazilian population, as
you wrote, but in our old colonial past we most certainly would have killed
here in any part of Brazil people like that from the board of directors of
your former College in Louisiana, so it's very difficult to guess any kind
of relation between Brazil and Louisiana or the historic Southern United
States apart some lost Confederates that immigrated to Brazil after the
Civil War !
Anyway individual researchers can already get access to their ancestry
painting (at 23andMe) that is a kind of genetic radar able to screen
European, Asian and African genes/ancestors in the last centuries of a
genealogy. It's very interesting ! For a good conventional genealogist it's
just a review of known facts, but for some it can bring nice surprises
related to hidden origins, specially in some old Americans (I mean the
Continent as a whole) who had been living for centuries in close contact
with Amerindians and Africans.


Assunto: [DNA] Gender attraction and Genetics

There have been some studies if genetics plays a role in what gender a
person is attracted to and whether it runs in certain family lines or
groups. In the role of genealogy in researching family gays and lesbians are
often hidden, the invisible ones. Research is difficult because science, and
subjects, are often overshadowed by social prejudices and religious dogma.
In the past, many under social pressure married, had children, and acted out
heterosexual roles.


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