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From: "Don May" <>
Subject: [DNA] Changing views of popular genealogy
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 07:54:42 -0700
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Dick Norwood wrote:

> Like many genealogists, over time I have become more of a family
> historian than simply a genealogist, so this topic is of great interest
> to me, and keeping the original idea alive, it would be interesting, and
> perhaps even useful, to be able to demonstrate a genetic basis for
> gender attraction--even if it isn't important to genealogy.

Yes, although in the strictest terms as a science genealogy is about
physical unions however in the popular sense I think it is about
family/tribal history. For me that is the most exciting aspect. DNA has
opened whole new avenues for some of us. Personally the discovery that my
surname can only be used for family history back to my great-grandfather. A
brick wall until now. Through DNA testing of myself and several cousins we
discovered our great grandfather's yDNA,ours, do not match any database
listings of our surname rather another family line with no paper trail to an
adoption or so far a liaison, perhaps simply his choice to take on another
name for what ever reason.

My Autosomal DNA tests indicate very large population matches to a
Brazilian admixture of African, Portuguese, Mestizo, and Spanish. Something
that was hidden in the family history because of social conditions during
the period that admixture with my known family line would have occurred.
Something I am excited to learn and proud to accept should further testing
turn the strong hint into reasonably without a doubt true.

I do not mean this as pushing an agenda, or looking for acceptance but as
far as genealogy programs and choices in their listings go I have a thirty
year relationship. I and my spouse are known to two generations of family,
nephews and nieces as "Uncle Don and Uncle Bill" That is how they relate to
us. In the family tree software and for the benefit of future family
historians it would be nice that I not be listed as "single" or he as a
"wife" or he be invisible. We are very much a part of our current families
life regardless of how other people view us. That said I will not push this
subject further.


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