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From: Michael Walsh <>
Subject: [DNA] Dr. Wells and his R1b in Iberia for LGM hypothesis - FTDNAconf follow-up
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 17:01:46 -0500

------> My comments:
I've read Oppenheimer, Cavalli-Sforza, Sykes and Wells. I can't
complaint about the book authors and their hypotheses. I generally
thought they all had well reasoned thinking related to the R1b Iberian
Refugium hypothesis. As far as their books go, they wrote them at a
point given the technology, methods and data available to them. They
are free to write books, or not write books as they wish. If they
want to retire, so be it.

However, Dr. Wells is the chief of the National Genographic Project.
This is an on-going project spending millions of dollars. I think
they should keep their web site fairly current and objective. They
are still calling R-M343 the Cro-Magnon man of Western Europe. I'm
actually okay with that hypothesis, even though I now think it is
doubtful. My concern is that they do not acknowledge that there are
other hypotheses that have credence and that they do not explain why
their scenario is more likely.
R1b (M343) Nat'l Geno ->

------> Gary Felix <> wrote:
I was not implying that this was the extent of the evidence for Iberian R1b.
R1b LGM is put forth in books by Oppenheimer, Cavalli Sforza, Sykes, Jobling and
Wells among others. In fact I have never heard of any book by a geneticist with
any other evidence.?

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