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From: Thomas Krahn <>
Subject: [DNA] hg I1 full Y sequence on
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 01:50:13 -0500

A company called "Complete Genomics" has recently released full
sequencing data for the Coriell NA07022 sample.

I have extracted the Y chromosome variations and added them to

Looking at the SNPs it is clear that this person belongs to hg I1* as it
is currently defined.
The STRs (published elsewhere: [1]) confirm the haplogroup assignment
and the integrity of the dataset.
DYS19 14
DYS389I 12
DYS389B 16
DYS390 22
DYS391 10
DYS392 11
DYS393 13
DYS437 16
DYS438 10
DYS439 11
DYS448 20
DYS456 16
DYS458 14
DYS635 21
DYS385 13-15

BTW. Those who prefer the data in table format may want to check:

I hope this helps,


[1] **Jane Gitschier (2009) Inferential Genotyping of Y Chromosomes in
Latter-Day Saints Founders and Comparison to Utah Samples in the HapMap
Project, AJHG, Volume 84, Issue 2, 13 February 2009, Pages 251-258


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