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From: John Lerch <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] celiac disease
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 6:34:28 -0700
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I hadn't read the Wikipedia page; but the mutation on chromosome 6 merely makes one more likely to get celiac disease and to perpetuate the positive feedback cycle. Researchers have created an animal model of celiac disease by taking a partial digestion polypeptide of gluten(with an extra glutamine back added) and infusing it into the lumen of rats' GIs; 100 % of the rats got celiac disease. (The leakiness allowed a transglutaminase to leak back into the lumen and reattach that last glutamine.)
IOW it isn't really an autoimmune disease.
PPS Indeed it has nothing to do with ychromosome haplogroups. (One of our female members has it.) I seem to have it too; but even though the biopsy of the villi showed no blunting; my Gastroenterologist said he was almost 100% positive I had it because of my history--including the IGG antibody.
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> From: Rex Johnson <>
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> 23andMe has a statement in their Health and Traits section on Celiac
> disease:
> "Celiac Disease is an autoimmune condition triggered by proteins found
> in wheat, barley, and rye?collectively called "gluten". About 1% of the
> global population is affected by Celiac Disease (approximately 2 million
> people in the United States). Celiac Disease can strike at any age. Like
> many other autoimmune diseases, the condition is two to three times more
> common in women than men".
> More information on the biology of the disease, and the genes concerned
> is given on the data pages for those who can 'sign in'.
> Rex
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