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Subject: Re: [DNA] revised TMRCA calcuations for the R-L21 results
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 17:26:03 -0300
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I assume what you saw was the Current Archaelogy
2003-2004 reports of Fitzpatrick. I have the impression
there was an academic backing off on this based
on the 2006 article in Archaeometry by Evans, Chenery
and and Fitzpatrick (Bronze Age childhood migration
of individuals near Stonehenge, revealed by strontium
and oxygen isotope enamel analysis). In this it is said
that the analysis of the Amesbury Archer "suggested
that he spent his childhood in an area that was climatically
cooler than Britain, probably in Central Europe."

Suggested and probably are certainly far from definitive
words. Bear in mnd this type of analysis is young.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] revised TMRCA calcuations for the R-L21 results


I've seen the original study on the teeth of the Amesbury archer; he is said
by the author to have originated from an Alpine region in central Europe,
perhaps from what is now Switzerland. The workers at Stonehenge, found
buried nearby, were from Wales.

Do you have an updated version of the original study that says otherwise?

Steve Bird

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