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From: James Mulvihill <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Using Tim Janzen's TMRCA Calculator
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 04:54:29 -0400


I obtained the following results recently on a group of M222 surnames:

M-222 (37 marker)

Group n=177 1601

McLoughlin n=9 771
Ferguson n=22 1308
McCain n=7 1546
O'Byrne n=29 1012
Dougherty n=57 958
Mulvihill/Mitchell n=6 1772
Kelley n=16 1515
Reilly n=11 701

All results are in yrs, 30yr generations.
Most surnames did not have enough 67 marker results for a valid
comparison. Where they did, agreement was within about 15%.
The Mulvihill/Mitchells are my group from the Corca Achlann and include
Brennans from that tribe.
Most duplicates in surname were removed from the _Group_ results, which
were obtained from the FTDNA M222 project.
Surname data obtained from individual Surname Groups.
All were analyzed using Tim Janzen's spreadsheet and removed DYS 385,
DYS 459, DYS 464, YCA II, and CDY.
67 marker results for Group was 1450, n=125.
Results are still highly dependent on the limited size and nature of the
sample (i.e., bias toward close relatives in the Surname groups, and
occasional spurious entries in public databases).


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