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From: Bob Hay <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Who killed the men of England -
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:42:08 +1000

Bryan Cook wrote:
>Alan, I for one am glad you chose to stay and present some valuable
> such as the parallel between the fate of the Picts and the
>scenario of Anglo-Saxon impact.

Alan, I am another of your fans who is delighted you have decided to

Yours has long been one of the names I look for first on the List
because I find your "plain English" posts always most informative and
stimulating, informative because you extend to those of us who are not
archaeologists the benefit of your professional knowledge in the
field; and stimulating because you not only offer constructive
criticisms of the speculations of others, but raise sensible
suggestions of your own.

Personally, one of the reasons I most enjoy this List is because it is
so multi-disciplinary and I welcome the sometimes heated debate as
academic worlds collide.

As for crocodiles: let them snap - here in Australia we eat them!

Bob Hay
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H3EQG ~ R-L2* ~ HV9a

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