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From: Al Aburto <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Y-chromosomes of Jewish priests
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 17:37:37 -0700
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I know, talking to myself again :-)
But I see the DYS439 alleles are too high and the need to be reduced by
4 (I'm not absolutely sure(!), but 4 looks right to me) to line up with
the FTDNA standard ...

> Al Aburto wrote:
> Only way I know is transferring manually :-(
> I'll probably do that, but just the J2a haplotypes ...
> Al
> > SVass wrote:
>> Let me agree on examining other data in the paper. Figure 1 (which is
>> quite useful in itself) shows 26 Israelis (2.8%) and one Cohen being R-
>> P25*. The marker values for that individual are listed as sample 2046
>> in Table S3 of the supplement. (Table S3 appears to be a set of
>> pictures that do not allow easy entry into Excel for rechecking or
>> redoing their mathematics with different algorithms. If someone knows
>> how to extract the data easily, I would appreciate the information.)
>> The Cohen (with ancestry from Belarus) is a distance of 12 of 21
>> markers using the infinite allele from me and my group and also far
>> from the other groups of the R1b1 Asterisk project which denotes an
>> extended period of time since our separation. My observation is that
>> the age computation is the least important part of the document. The
>> survey of Israeli haplogroups is more important.
>> Within the past week, as a side note, I have discovered a Sephardic
>> (probable R1b-P25*) near match with Arellano/Alalof at Ancestry with
>> the surname LEVI and a tested R1b-P25* at 23andME whose ancestry is
>> claimed to be Palestinian (sic) for at least five generations. Stay
>> tuned.
>> Sam Vass

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