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Subject: Re: [DNA] (no subject) - breakthroughs
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Not everyone's experiences are the same.

Before my maternal grandfather's STRAUB line was tested, all we knew for certain
is that his paternal grandfather came to Ohio from Pennsylvania in 1822. My
STRAUB first cousin's test results show him to be a 67/67 match with the modal
haplotype of the descendants of Johann Pieter STRAUB, 1733 immigrant to
Philadelphia and grandson of Martin STRAUB of Großgartach, Württemberg. I've
yet to make the paper connection, but I consider us solidly connected to this
family, and I consider that a "breakthrough."


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> Hi,
> I stated a fact, DNA is a tool with which you can add good
> genealogy to and possibly break down a wall.. it does not do
> it isself.
> For example my own Gilpin line has a brick wall that is 15
> years old. I started the project to help myself.
> I have found three related genetic lineages with good paper
> trails. but due to my inability to go beyond 1828 Ohio, the
> brick wall is still there.. after 4 years of running my project.
> It isn't a forgone conclusion that you will break down a wall
> just because you find relatives.
> DNA Helps, only!!
> If you look at Group A at
> You can see the comparisons.
> Comparing G1 & G2 they are 3 steps in differences... How? at
> DYS449 G1 is 31 G2 is 32 = 1 step of difference. Now at
> DYS464 (abcd) note: these results can be moved or adjusted as
> long as they are the same as the person comparing to, So G2
> is 2 steps of difference equalling 3 steps of difference total.
> Now G1 compared to G6 the only difference there is DYS458 G1
> is 16 G6 is 17 a one step difference.
> now G1 compared to G11 the only difference is CDYb you G11
> are 36 and G1 is 35 a one step difference.
> What really counts is our estimated common ancestor. (the top
> line) the most common marker result between all the person
> tested is the marker result used as the result for the
> estimated common ancestor.
> Now lets re-compare. G1 is same as common ancestor, G2 is 2
> steps from common ancestor, G6 is 1 step from common
> ancestor, G11 is 1 step from common ancestor.
> Now I guessing just as much as any of you on this, but I'd
> say; we each descends seperatly from the common ancestor,
> THere just isn't enough time evolved to be descended from a
> lateral line, due to mutation time allowance between
> mutations, and none of us have the same mutation, which would
> have been passed to us from our fathers.
> SO we G1, G2, G6, G11 are all related but, we still do not
> know how.. So the brick wall stands
> Nelda

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