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From: "Tim Janzen" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andMe Discount
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 20:53:19 -0700
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Dear John,
I think that the potential application of the 23andMe (and other
large SNP panel tests) to genetic genealogy is huge, but this application is
still in its infancy. I think that where this is ultimately going is that
we will be trying to correlate specific blocks of autosomal SNPs with
specific ancestors. The more people who are tested using autosomal SNP
panels such as the one that 23andMe offers, the more we will potentially be
able to figure out. However, the use of the autosomal SNPs for genealogical
purposes is going to be complicated, particularly when trying to determine
relationships in the distant past. I have located a segment on chromosome 6
that I think came from my native American Indian ancestor using the 23andMe
test. I hope to learn a lot more as various relatives and distant cousins
are tested.
Tim Janzen

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Before I invest in more testing I'd like to have some idea of what
genealogical benefits might I gain by testing with 23andMe? I'm not very
interested in the medical information.

I've looked at their web site and have looked at some forums but what I
really would like to hear is some genealogists' experiences and whether
and what results are worth the investment.

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