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Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andMe and Proving Native Ancestry
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 17:26:20 -0400
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Thanks, Tim.

However, aren't quite a few Europeans showing up with Asian percentages in this test? If so, then many European Americans should also show up with Asian increments that do not, necessarily, indicate American Indian ancestry. No?

Ray Whritenour
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Dear Ray,
Evidence may be primarily anecdotal at this point. However, I can
provide a personal example. I have a fairly well documented pedigree chart
that goes back at least 6 generations on all my ancestral lines. I have
only one documented Native American ancestor at this point in time,
specifically Tarhe (b. ca 1742, d. ca 1818), who was a chief in the Wyandot
Indians. The rest of my ancestry is European as far as I have been able to
determine. Approximately 1/256 of my genome should have come from Chief
Tarhe if my pedigree chart is correct. When I look at my 23andMe DNA
results in the Ancestry Painting section, I see only one segment that is
Asian in origin, a short segment on the long arm of chromosome 6 that I
would estimate is about 1/15 of one side of the entire chromosome on my
screen. All the rest of my DNA appears in blue coloration, indicating
European ancestry. 23andMe states that >99% of my DNA is from Europe and
<1% is from Asia. Thus at least one portion of my DNA appears to be Asian in
origin and the most reasonable explanation for that segment is my Native
American ancestry. I am going to have my mom tested by 23andMe in the near
future as well, which will hopefully help confirm that I got this Asian
segment of chromosome 6 from her, since her ancestry traces back to Tarhe.
Tim Janzen

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Roberta writes:

"In this test, you will receive your percent of ethnicity divided between
European, African and Asian. In our case in the US, Asian would equate to
Native heritage. So if your Native ancestor is far back in your pedigree
chart, you can expect to see a few percent of Asian heritage."

Where might one find the documentation proving these statements?

Ray Whritenour

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